Fast weight loss recipes recommend five foods that will make you thin

Fast weight loss recipes recommend five foods that will make you thin

The name of a diet meal is like a star. How to choose a diet that suits you in many menus is a big problem for fat friends.

The ultimate goal of diet meal is to make you healthy and slim down, so the choice of ingredients is very important. The following small series will introduce you to several slimming recipes to make you healthy and thin!

  Weight loss meal one: seaweed melon soup main ingredient melon 250g seaweed 50g accessories onion 10g ginger 10g coriander 10g cooking wine 10g salt 10g sugar 5g chicken powder 10g pepper powder 5g seaweed melon soup practice steps: 1.

Prepare ingredients: melon, parsley 2.

Prepare ingredients: shallot, ginger 3

The melon is cut into pieces for use.

Put the oil into the pot and pour the ginger into the rice.

When the seaweed is fried in golden yellow, boil the wine into the clams, stir into the melon pieces and stir into the hot water to cook.

When the melon is cooked to be translucent, add sugar, fresh, salt, chicken powder and pepper to taste.

  Diet 2: Cranberry oatmeal pumpkin juice Ingredients: pumpkin amount, cranberry amount, oatmeal cranberry oatmeal pumpkin juice practice steps: 1.

Wash the sweet pumpkin, cut into small pieces, steamed on the pot; 2.

After the pumpkin is slightly cooler, remove the meat, put it into the cooking machine, add the appropriate amount of water, and stir it for 30 seconds;

Pour the pumpkin juice into a pot, add cranberry and oatmeal, and boil it;

Pour into the cup and put a proper amount of instant oatmeal and cranberry. Comments: Oatmeal has enough supplemental fiber to produce satiety, which is beneficial to the regulation and metabolism of physiological functions, and consumes more energy during digestion.Metabolism, which promotes gastrointestinal motility, ultimately results in weight loss.

  Weight loss meal three: purple potato cake main ingredient glutinous rice 400g purple potato three four accessories raisins a lot of fruit 脯 some sugar 20g honey a spoonful of purple potato cakes steps: 1.

Steam a pot of glutinous rice, glutinous rice soaked in water for 3 hours and then steamed, sticky and soft.

Put a little more water than steamed rice.


The purple potato is steamed and hot and peeled.


Add some sugar to the purple potato, crush it with a spoon, and try to be as delicate as possible.


Place the glutinous rice in a container that has been brushed with a thin layer of oil and spread it halfway.

Smoothed up.


A layer of purple potato puree is laid on the rice.

Smoothed up.

Sprinkle with a layer of raisins, preserves and the like.


Spread the other half of the rice.

Then let it dry for a while and put it in the freezer for half a day.


Cut the square block after demolding.

Cut the knife when you cut it.

Garnished with blackcurrant raisins or cilantro, with a small amount of honey on the surface.

  Dieting meal four: homemade tofu brain ingredients: dry soybeans 100g, glucose lactone 1/2 teaspoon, water 1100g accessories tools: gauze soya-bean milk machine 1.

Preparation: Wash the soybeans 6 hours in advance, put enough blisters to the hair; drain the dried soybeans, pick out the bad beans and the beans that are not soaked; 100g dry soybeans after the hair is similar220 grams of soybeans; 2.
Grinding the soybeans: Prepare the soya-bean milk machine, pour the beans into the inner tube, pour the water into the inner tube, cover the lid of the soya-bean milk machine, press the fruit and vegetable drinks file, start grinding until the program is finished; take a deeper pot and putThe gauze is folded and covered on the pot; 3.
Pour the polished soy milk into a large bowl, filter out the soy milk, and remove the foam (about 1000g of filtered soy milk); pour the filtered soy milk into the pot, boil it, and simmer for 2?
3 minutes, remove the surface foam, leave the fire; put 1/2 teaspoon of lactone into the container, add some cold water to open; 4.

Wait for the soy milk to cool to 80?
At 85 ° C, pour the melted lactone solution and mix quickly; 5,

Pour into a clean container and let stand for about half an hour;

Sprinkle some scallions and parsley when you are out of the pan.

  These four slimming meals are highly recommended for successful weight loss people~~ Do not hinder the test!