Please do not do 4 things after waking up every day.

Please do not do 4 things after waking up every day.


There is more and more people who can’t afford to sleep after waking up in bed, especially on holidays.

Anyone who has had a love for bed (no matter young or old) will have this feeling: sleep and bed time are more, but feel that the four feet are heavy, the spirit is sluggish, and there is “sleep more tired”The feeling of “sleeping more and more uncomfortable” is not as energetic as being busy at work or studying every day.

The bed has disrupted the normal life rules of the week, making many biological clocks in the body wrong.


After the old man wakes up and wakes up, he wakes up in the morning. Maybe the bladder is full of urine. There is an urgent need to urinate. The more urgent the urine is, the more he will be able to get up, and not get up immediately, especially in old age.People, erect in the upright position to avoid.

Because the bladder emptying is easy to cause dizziness, and even urinary syncope.


After the three waking up, many people with high blood pressure immediately get used to proper physical exercise after morning. As long as they pay attention, there is evidence for health.

However, the exercise must take a short break after the morning, until the blood and yin and yang balance the operation.

If you do not prepare for the activity after getting up, you will immediately spend the movement of the thumb, which is prone to heart and cerebrovascular accidents.


Four bogey do not eat breakfast Many people think that breakfast is not important, can eat or not; there are too many people for various reasons (sleep late to eat, or girls do not eat for “slimming” diet) do not eat breakfast.

Because of the accelerated pace of life and other reasons, there is a widespread phenomenon of “breakfast sloppy, Chinese food, and dinner”, which is contrary to the principle of scientific meals, and is a misunderstanding in the diet.

If you don’t eat breakfast or eat badly, it will directly affect the morning work and study efficiency.

The brain is damaged by the uneven intake of nutrients, because the energy of the brain is mainly provided by blood sugar.

Imagine that from the first night of dinner to the morning, it has been fasting for 12 hours. At this time, the blood sugar of the human body has dropped significantly, and the brain is experiencing an energy crisis. If it is not replenished in time, it will be hurt.

As long as you eat breakfast in time, eat breakfast, blood sugar will rise, the “crisis” can be lifted, the sensitivity of the brain is improved, and the efficiency of work and study is improved.