Dandelion recipe | After the fall, use dandelion, clear stomach heat, anti-pharyngitis, liver toxic!

Dandelion recipe | After the fall, use dandelion, clear stomach heat, anti-pharyngitis, liver toxic!

After the fall, many people will appear dry and get angry. The scorpion is dry, inflamed, stomach heat, stomach pain, bitter and bad breath, love to lose temper, liver fire and so on.

At this point, try the little recipe of dandelion.

In the autumn, dandelion has grown up and accumulated a wealth of nutrients. At this time, using dandelion can improve a variety of small problems, so try it!

After the autumn, the use of dandelion, clear stomach heat into the autumn, the weather turned cold, people’s appetite increased greatly, coupled with the “post autumn”, many people began to “eat and drink”.

Once, the diet is not restrained, too spicy, too spicy, too hot, too oily, etc., easily lead to a burning sensation in the stomach, stomach pain, dry mouth, toothache, and even constipation.

This kind of situation shows that your stomach is hot and heavy, that is, the stomach is hot. At this time, you must pay attention to the stomach heat.

Dandelion recipe: dandelion + white jasmine flowers dried dandelion leaves, white jasmine flowers, according to the ratio of 4:1, into the dandelion white jasmine tea, take 2-3g each time, hot water brewing, wait 3-5 minutes, you can do it.

Use dandelion, with white jasmine, soak in water, can be a good stomach heat, promote digestion, relieve stomach pain.

Dandelion into the liver, stomach, two menstruation, stomach stagnation heat, spleen and stomach damp heat, liver stagnation and fire and stomach fire blazing caused by stomach cramps, fullness, vomiting and so on.

Jasmine, the main warm spleen and stomach, with moist and medium, qi and qi stagnation effect, often used for spleen and stomach wet turbidity, less food and nausea, diarrhea and diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Therefore, after the fall, there is a situation of stomach heat, which can be drunk with a double mix of water, which can be improved very well.

After the fall, use dandelion, anti-pharyngitis into the autumn, the climate is relatively dry, the air humidity is insufficient, the dust concentration increases, it is easy to stimulate and cause sore throat, itching, dry cough and other discomfort.

At this point, you can try a dandelion recipe, soak in water, can help relieve pharyngitis.

Dandelion recipe: dandelion + three flowers to prepare some small tea bags, take dandelion 3.

3g, chrysanthemum 0.

3g, honeysuckle 0.

3g, osmanthus 0.

1g, made a golden osmanthus tea bag, take a pack every day, hot water brewing on behalf of tea, can be brewed 2-3 times.

Dandelion, a “natural antibiotic” dandelion, is a natural anti-inflammatory drug for the treatment of dry throat and prevention of chronic pharyngitis.

Honeysuckle is a commonly used medicine for the treatment of pharyngitis. It has a strong heat-clearing and detoxifying effect and has the power to evacuate wind and heat. It is mainly used for acute pharyngitis with exogenous wind-heat type.

When used clinically, it is often used in conjunction with dandelion, chrysanthemum, etc.

Chrysanthemum, heat-clearing and detoxifying, throat-burning, sweet-scented osmanthus, mild in nature, leading to the effect of neutralizing cold.

Soaking in water so that it is more suitable for the daily use of pharyngitis as a substitute tea.

After entering the autumn, dandelion is used skillfully, and the liver is poisonous and the climate is dry, which makes it easy for people to have a strong liver and damage the liver.

The liver is damaged, first affecting its detoxification and detoxification, leading to acne, acne, chloasma and so on.

Therefore, in the fall, you should also pay attention to detoxification of the liver.

Try a little trick of dandelion.

Dandelion recipe: dandelion + rose flower take dandelion root 3g, rose 1g, made of dandelion rose tea bag, drink water every day, you can.

Both dandelions and roses are good for liver health. The combination of the two doubles the effect.

Dandelion, into the liver, good at liver toxic, prevent liver damage, can improve liver detoxification ability, thus protecting liver health.

Rose flowers, sweet, sweet, mild, can relieve liver and stagnation, promote blood circulation, can warm the heart and liver of the people, is very beneficial to liver health, and, there is a certain “blemish” effect.

The combination of the two, for the discharge of liver poisoning, the effect is significant, but also help to improve facial spots, acne and so on.

After the fall, use dandelion to improve oral ulcers in the fall. Many people will have oral ulcers and the pain will be unbearable. At this time, dandelion can be used to improve.

Dandelion recipe: chewing dry dandelion chewing dry dandelion for 5-10 minutes, part of the internal service, part of the remaining in the affected area, within 1 hour, try not to drink water, the effect is better.

In this way, internal and external application, double effect, can accelerate ulcer healing and relieve pain.

At the front end, dandelion can kill the hemolytic streptococcus that induces oral ulcers.

At the same time, dandelion to fire, anti-inflammatory, swelling and dispersing effect, also help to reduce the swelling of the mouth ulcers, reduce pain.

In addition, dandelion, also rich in vitamin C and trace elements, helps prevent oral ulcers.After entering the autumn, use dandelion to improve the redness and swelling of the eyes. If you stay up late, play with your mobile phone, causing redness and swelling, and dry eyes. At this time, try dandelion and water.

Dandelion recipe: dandelion Jianshui, smoked with fresh dandelion 200g, or dried dandelion 50g, add 1000ml water, soak for 1 hour, then boil for 10 minutes.

Pour the soup out of the bowl, then apply a layer of plastic cloth to the bowl and open two holes, just to the eye.

Smoke for about ten minutes, then take a break and continue to smoke a few times!

“Medical in the West” recorded: “Treatment of eye disease and swelling, fresh dandelion (four two, roots and leaves are used, flowers are left to the discretion, if no fresh can be used for two or two generations)Two bowls of fried soup, warm served a bowl, and the remaining bowl is heated and smoked.

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