Old people often breathe more smoothly

Old people often breathe more smoothly

Sitting cross-legged is not like the sitting posture of the lower limbs, it can close the distance between the lower limbs and the heart, and there is no problem of sedentary edema caused by sedentary.

Moreover, often practicing the cross-legs can improve the leg, the reduction part, and the flexibility of the hips is reduced, so that the legs and the two hips become soft, which is beneficial for preventing and treating joint pain.

If you practice cross-legged for a long time, you can reduce and slow down the blood circulation of the lower body, which is equivalent to increasing the blood circulation of the upper body, especially the chest and brain.

At the same time, this position is conducive to sitting, can make the respiratory system unobstructed, and is very helpful for smooth breathing.

  Although there are many advantages to sitting cross-legged, the shortcomings are also disadvantages.

Long-legged legs can cause poor blood flow, leading to numbness in the legs, and even cause “general nerve palsy” or “venous thrombosis.”

Therefore, when the legs are numb, you must stop and move.

  At the beginning of the practice, it is necessary to focus on controlling the time of cross-legging. Generally, it is better to be close to half an hour, and then proceed gradually.

Of course, the posture of the cross-legs is also very important. At the beginning, you can take the lower limbs and press them underneath. Then practice the single-disc, double-disc, and disc-disposing postures such as yoga.