[Can pregnant people eat seafood]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pregnant people eat seafood]_Pregnancy_Impact

Seafood is the general name of all seafood, and it is also a category of special popularity. The reason why it is popular is that in addition to the tenderness of seafood, the nutritional value of seafood is also high. Eating seafood in moderation has many benefits to the body, But seafood is not for everyone, for pregnant women, although you can eat seafood in moderation, some special seafood is firmly inedible!

First, fish that pregnant women cannot eat: Contaminated fish: Poisonous fish include fish contaminated with phenol, heavy metals, or pesticides, and fish that contain biotoxins.

Fishes and shrimps with a strong kerosene flavor are the result of phenol contamination; large sea fish such as sharks, tuna, and swordfish are always eaten, making fish and squarehead fish prone to mercury poisoning.

Especially outstanding, pregnant women, lactating women and women who are preparing to conceive, do not eat these fish.

Malformed fish: Do not eat other malformed fish, do not eat fish gall, dead turtles, catfish cannot be eaten; fish with parasites: Parasites such as trematode fluke may exist in the fish meat, except for thorough processingWash well and cook thoroughly when cooking.

Salted fish, smoked fish, and dried fish: Because they contain nitrosamine carcinogens, they should not be consumed too much. Fried fish, especially charred fish, contain strong carcinogens instead of amines. It is better to eat less.

Second, pregnant women cannot eat crabs. In Chinese medicine, the properties of crabs are cold, and it also has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. If you eat too much, it can easily cause miscarriage.

In addition, the clinical findings in mainland China show that the effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis is stronger.

Crab claws can disperse blood stasis and pass through the meridians.

“Bielu” has long recorded the abortion of the main body of the crab claw.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” also said that it had a corrupted birth and a stillbirth.

Therefore, women should not eat it during pregnancy.

Third, pregnant women cannot eat raw cold seafood. It should be said that all raw cold seafood contains parasites and bacteria, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women with weak immunity at this time. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid raw cold seafood such as oysters, snails, and sashimi.