What should the elderly pay attention to when they go backwards?

What should the elderly pay attention to when they go backwards?

Many elderly people like to use this method of walking backwards to exercise.

However, Professor Dou Wenhao from Beijing Sport University told reporters that it is not a matter of going backwards. It still has a lot of precautions.

  Professor Dou Wenhao told reporters that from the perspective of sports health care, going backwards can mainly help people relieve back pain.

Because it is more in line with the human body’s physiological curvature, it can make the body weight and the tension of the waist get a certain relaxation. While enhancing the balance ability, it can also strengthen the waist muscle exercise.

For normal people, especially the elderly, it is better to play the role of strengthening the body.

  However, Professor Dou suggested that there are four precautions for going backwards in fitness: first, there must be a reference object when going backwards.

The beginner’s body leans forward first, and the legs naturally move when walking. Carefully first use the toes to land on the ground and then transition to the whole foot. The center of gravity should be placed in front, so that even if it is slightly stepped on, it will not fall.

The arm should swing naturally to maintain an overall balance.

This way, you can strengthen the waist and leg muscles, enhance the balance, and consume more oxygen than the positive line.

  Specifically, the beginner should choose an alignment, a lesser venue, preferably a straight.

At the beginning, the speed is slow, the steps are small, and the time is short.

If the practice time is long and the number of times is too long, you can try to walk on the curve. The speed can be faster, the step is slightly enlarged, and the time of the reverse can be extended.

In addition, in the case of backwards are already very skilled, the reversal can also increase the difficulty, such as going uphill, going backwards in the water and grass.

  Professor Dou reminds the elderly that they must do their best when they go backwards, especially those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. They must follow the doctor’s advice to exercise.

When the sick elderly are exercising, they should sweat a little earlier, and it is better not to feel chest tightness.

Do not blindly pressurize, causing the body to be overwhelmed.