The room in the plant water is not dry

The room in the plant water is not dry

The lush flowers and plants in the living room are both good decorations and have a certain effect on improving the temperature, humidity and air quality of the local environment.

However, the potting soil in the pot often gives off an unpleasant taste, especially after applying the flower fertilizer, it will breed small bugs.

In fact, it is better to raise some water and plants in the room.

  Aquatic plants have the following advantages: First, because water can evaporate freely, in the same environment, plants cultivated in pots have a more obvious role in regulating air humidity; second, water plants can omit basins.The management of the soil is clean and hygienic, and the maintenance is simple. Thirdly, if some plants whose roots can be exposed to light are selected, they are equipped with convenient containers, and the whole plant can be viewed and has higher ornamental value.

  There are two major categories of aquatic plants.

One type is aquatic flowers, which grow in water in nature, such as the lotuses we are familiar with, water lilies; the other is hydroponic flowers, which are usually grown in soil or cultivated substrates, such as narcissus, wind.Letters and so on.

Because the indoor light is not enough, it is more suitable for cultivation.

In addition, these have low nutrient requirements and can basically grow in tap water without the need to add nutrient solution.

Suitable types in the family include green radish, hyacinth, rich bamboo, spider plant, flower leaf evergreen, heart leaf velvet, fine leaf millenium wood and so on.

  These plants generally do not require special management.

A container with a sufficient volume of root shrinkage can be used, and an open glass container with a bottle opening is more advantageous for maintaining water quality and root growth.

When planting, avoid immersing the leaves in water to avoid rot; place them under proper light conditions and quickly root; find water when the water is low to prevent the roots from drying; when the water becomes dirty, remove the plants and clean the containers., refill the water.