[How small green peppers are marinated and delicious]_ green peppers _ delicious marinated method _ how to make

[How small green peppers are marinated and delicious]_ green peppers _ delicious marinated method _ how to make

In addition to eating green pepper as an ingredient, you can also add green peppers to the jar and marinate them, so that the pickled peppers will become more delicious, and the overall taste will be sour and spicyIt is appetizing and can be eaten with porridge. It is also a meal. This is actually a meal. Many people make it before the New Year and the New Year.

In Wuyuan, pickled peppers are a must-have for every farmer. They are pickled whole with fresh peppers, or cut into circles or minced and pickled.

The pickled peppers are used directly as porridge, or fried potato shreds.

The whole pepper is fried and eaten very well.

Method: 1. Peel the pepper, wash, and dry the water.

2. Cut into circles.

3. Add edible salt and stir well.

4. Add to ceramic pot.

5. Cover it with loquat leaves and wooden blocks, add stones and hold for half a month to eat.

Method 2 1. Making tools: old mustard tank, stalk or straw handle, small stones, spoon, pot, etc.

2. Process formula: The standard is to process a mustard jar sour pepper, 10 kg of fresh pepper, 10 g of licorice, 10 g of pepper, 250 g of candy, and 500 g of salt.

3. Process flow: (1) Rinse the mustard tank, loquat handle or straw handle, small stones, etc., and dry it before use.

(2) Pick out the peppers with worm eyes or rotten holes, then cut the fresh fresh peppers off the handle, wash them, and dry them thoroughly.

(3) Pour half of the cold water into the mustard jar, and then add sweet pepper, pepper, candy, salt, and stir well for a few days.

(4) When the water in the tank has a slightly sour taste, start adding fresh peppers. Pay attention to accumulate all the water so that the peppers cannot be exposed on the water surface.

After pressing the pepper, cover it with coriander leaves or straw, and then press on it with small stones.

(5) After more than 10 days, the pepper has been replaced with acid and sold out or sold after packaging.

After the peppers are removed, fresh peppers can be added again, so that they can be recycled without wasting raw materials.

4. Precautions: (1) After washing the peppers, radishes, beans, etc., be sure to fully dry them, and they must not enter the tank with a little bit of moisture, otherwise it will affect the shelf life and product quality.

(2) After fresh peppers are added to the tank, they should be stirred into the tank from time to time. If some white foam appears at the mouth of the tank, remove them in time.