The deeper the color of the soap, the better the harm

The deeper the color of the soap, the better the harm

Nowadays, all kinds of soaps appear in people’s eyes. In the dazzling array of products, brightly colored soaps are ready to be favored.

But experts suggest that soaps are best chosen for color and taste.

  He Zhixin, an associate professor of dermatology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said that under normal circumstances, many brighter and more concentrated soaps have added some pigments and flavors to varying degrees, or have a large amount of alkali. If the skin is sensitive, use it.After these soaps, it is likely to cause some bad irritation in the skin or respiratory tract.

The alkaline component is too heavy. For long-term use, the sebum on the surface of the skin will be reduced, the skin will be dry, and the skin will be peeled off. At the same time, the slightly acidic environment in the skin will be destroyed and the skin will be damaged.

The soap with a light taste and inconspicuous color, which is generally contained in the place where the pigment and the fragrance are broken, is also weak in alkalinity, and the irritation is not large, so the damage to the skin is relatively small.

  Some functional soaps that are currently on the market are also available. Some soaps can set certain special effects, remove medicinal soaps that remove acne, and have soaps that have antipruritic effects.

But there are also some functional soaps that are not so magical.

He Zhixin reminded that it is necessary to choose soap according to the characteristics of its skin, light color, full and round surface, not easy to shrink after storage, no cracking, the best smell.

In addition, you must carefully check the manufacturer, logo and product implementation standards, functions, production dates, etc. on the product packaging.

Be sure to choose a recent product, the water will be lost on the date, affecting the effect of soap.

  When using soap, be careful to observe that a good quality soap can produce a fine, firm and stable foam when used, and the body feels refreshed after use.

If the skin feels very dry after washing, tight, etc., it is best to use it.