[How to cook fresh peanuts]_How to cook_Boil

[How to cook fresh peanuts]_How to cook_Boil

In addition to eating some staple foods in their daily diet, people eat some nut foods after meals. Among them, peanuts are a kind of food that people often eat. Peanuts are loved by many people because of their excellent taste and rich nutrition. PeanutsIn the practice, most people use cooking methods, and many people are not very satisfied with the taste of cooking peanuts.

So, how do you cook fresh peanuts?

First, how to cook fresh peanuts?

Peanut Pingwei Gan; enter the spleen, lung meridian; have the functions of replenishing and tonifying deficiency, refreshing the spleen and stomach, moistening the lungs and reducing phlegm, relieving water and swelling, and stopping blood and milk.

It may have a therapeutic effect on malnutrition, low food intake, weak cough, low phlegm, hemoptysis, dentition, epistaxis, skin purple spots, low maternal milk and dry stool.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that “spleen-blood” can easily bleed people. Peanut red clothing can nourish the blood of the spleen and stomach, so it can nourish blood and stop bleeding. This is called “buying qi to stop bleeding” in Chinese medicine.

Second, first clean the peanuts.

Because the flowers are stained with a lot of soil, they need to be washed many times before they can be washed clean.

Here we recommend to prepare two pots, one for water to wash the peanuts, and the other for the peanuts.

This will drain away the dirty water.

After cleaning the peanuts, add water to the pot and prepare to cook.

Be careful not to spill the peanuts over water, as too much water will waste salt.

Then start to cook the peanuts on a high fire, you can use an induction cooker or a gas stove.

After the peanuts are boiled for a while, add peppercorns, and you can add other condiments such as star anise according to personal taste.

Add a handful of peppercorns. If you put too much pepper, your lips will feel numb and uncomfortable.

How to cook fresh peanuts?

After covering the shells, wait for the peanuts to boil, then reduce to low heat and cook slowly.

This will help to boil the peanuts thoroughly.

Cook for a while, turn the peanuts several times, and use a flat spatula to lift them from the bottom of the peanuts. This will ensure that all the peanuts are evenly heated and boiled together.

Wait until the peanuts are boiled for a while before adding salt. This makes it easier for the peanuts to taste salt.

You can fully dissolve the salt in the pot. Generally, two tablespoons of salt are required for 2 kg of peanuts.

After boiling the peanuts, the steam is very strong.